Success Story – Ann

Making it look easy!

Making it look easy!

Meet Ann: She might tell you that I did all the work, but the truth is that I just cheered her on and helped her over some hurdles.  Fifty pounds later I’ll be more than grateful to hang back in her albeit shrinking shadow.  But what I love so much about this story is that Ann’s goal was to lose weight and get close to what she used to look and feel like.  What I didn’t tell her right away is that I believe we have to let go of the past and strive to be our best selves right now!  And Ann did exactly that!  She is now fifty pounds lighter, back to her “old” weight but she is stronger now – at sixty I might add! – than she has ever been before!!! So we didn’t go backwards; we kept letting the flower unfold it’s petals.  She and her husband take a weekly TRX class with me and I am very proud to say that not only can Ann now do 15 full suspension push-ups but there are some exercises that she’s flat out stronger on than her hubby!

Read below for Ann’s version of events!

And hold it...

And hold it…

“I’d been gaining a couple pounds per year.  I never exercised much.  Oh boy does that add up.  I gained 50 pounds over 20 years on my small frame.  My doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and my cholesterol was high.  Yikes!  Early in 2012 I decided to put an end to my weight gain and start on the path to better health and fitness.  I joined Weight Watchers and started taking personal training sessions with Deborah a couple days per week.  By early 2013 I had lost over 50 pounds, roughly 1 pound per week and I became much much stronger, with a much better body shape — bye bye thunder thighs.  My change in diet was only 1/2 the story.  I had gone on diets before, but never seemed to lose the weight.

A major reason for my success this time was Deborah.  As you can imagine I was not strong and fit in the beginning.  I put myself in Deborah’s capable and knowledgeable hands – she knew what to do.  I’d had trainers before, but none knew as much about the way the body works and the muscles’ function.  Nobody motivated me the way she did and none knew just how hard to push me and when.  Deborah did.  She never made me feel like a fatty.  She helped me realize it was an ongoing journey, not a destination.  She always made me feel like I could do it. Our training sessions involve TRX and all manner of other exercise –free weights, machines, bosu ball, stability ball, you name it.  She can count silently and talk at the same time!  It is never boring and she keeps me and my muscles guessing what’s coming next!  What a joy she is!”Ann TRX

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