Kids' Cross Country

This family’s victory was running cross country together!

Stefanie Gazzana 2 Stefanie Gazzana 3

Victory Fitness will help your child discover fitness can be fun with great coaching!  And I will work to keep parents involved.  A healthy family includes everyone!  Check out “Pricing” in the drop down menu to see how it can work for your kids!

It may shock you to learn that I was a chubby kid, who got C’s in gym class and was told that I needed help on basic skills like “playing catch.”  But then guess what happened?  In Junior High I discovered I was really good at softball.  I played short stop and catcher since I was the only kid that could easily make the throw from home plate to second base. At that same time I discovered horses, show-jumping and eventually advanced to a semi-pro level.  Along the way, I took up basketball, volleyball and skiing and am still learning new sports!

Luckily, I had some things going for me:

  • 1) It has to be fun!
  • 2) Great coaches tailor activity to goals you can reach.  Success leads to inspiration to set new goals.  
  • 3) Parents are totally supportive.  (Mine never commented on my weight, never put me on a diet, kept exposing me to activities and always served fruits and vegetables at every meal. )

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