American Council on Exercise Certified since 1994
RealRyder Indoor Cycling Instructor
TRX Master Trainer (ST, GST, RGST)
Equinox Fitness Training Institute
Pre/Post Natal Over 4000 sessions
Medical Exercise Specialist
Prehabilitation/Rehabilitation of Joints
Flexibility Technician
18 years of Field Experience
IDEA Member since 1994
IHRSA Member since 2007

Johns Hopkins University BA 1994

Spectrum Club Santa Monica Trainer of the Year 2009 – 2012
Spectrum Club Santa Monica Trainer of the Year 2007
Candidate for Biggest Loser Replacement Trainer 2009

Golf, Tennis, Skiing, Equestrian, Hiking, Surfing, Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Volleyball, Dance, Yoga, Running

Pre/Post Natal, Cardiac Surgeries – including pacemakers, Single & Double Hip Replacements, ACL and Meniscal Repairs, Rotator Cuff Surgeries, Spinal Fusion Surgery, Morbidly Obese, Parkinson’s, Geriatric, Kid Fitness (2-3yrs. And 3-5 yrs.) and others.

Victory Fitness Private Training Owner 2009-Present
Spectrum Health Clubs, Inc. Head Trainer 2006-2013
Blossom Fitness, Inc. Owner/Trainer 2000-2005
Evolution Fitness, Inc. In Home Personal Trainer 2003-2004
Equinox Fitness, Inc. Elite Plus Personal Trainer 1996-2000
(92nd Street, NYC) E-Clipse Trainer
E-Max Trainer
YWCA – Princeton Personal Trainer/Step Aerobics 1994-1996
Pennington Fitness Personal Trainer 1995-1996

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