About Online Training

Willow's victory was getting a treat after posing for this shot.
Willow’s victory was getting a treat after posing for this shot.

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“What is your Victory Today?” The key to any change is an awareness of your own power, a belief that you can do what you can dream and that it is happening right now, even as you read this. I mean, you’re on this page aren’t you? Here’s the great part: you are not on the planet by yourself; no one said you had to go it alone. So allow me to introduce myself, Deborah Weathersby, personal trainer extraordinaire at your service.

I created Victory Fitness to bring health in an easy, dollar friendly way to those who could really use the help! As a certified trainer for almost twenty years, I have had a very successful career with the top fitness clubs in NYC and LA and am ready to provide you the best caliber training available right in the comfort of your living room, office or yard.  You name the place that you feel comfortable, has Wi-Fi and we’re on!

Victory Fitness offers a variety of online training options that are affordable, effective and fun. So go on up to that menu bar and pick out the goodie that has your name on it and we’ll get started.

Contact me by clicking here!


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