Happy Thanksgiving

UnknownMy uncle thinks Thanksgiving Day is the best day of the year and I am inclined to agree.  And although it’s a day often spent bustling in a kitchen or preparing for Black Friday, the principle of the day is not materialistic.  There are no presents or money exchanged.  You can spend it with family, or friends or strangers and still it’s a fantastic day built on sharing.

As an American living in Ireland, I do miss some things.  For example, I can’t find a can of pumpkin anywhere.  The grocery stores don’t even have it listed on their inventory ordering systems!  And where I live, there are not enough ex-Pats to get a holiday dinner going.  Nonetheless, I will spend the day FaceTime-ing and Skype-ing my relatives and friends.

And most importantly, I will spend the day reflecting on all the blessings I have had in the last year and the blessings of today and the gifts that tomorrow will bring.  Gratitude and love come in many forms!  And for this I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving to all from VICTORY FITNESS! images-1

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