What Kind of Car is Your Body?

car3In teaching, I like to use metaphors. And for myself, if I understand something it makes it easier to do.  So think of your body like a car…

Cardio works like putting a more fuel efficient engine in your car.  It gets great high energy output for a long period of time.  In other words, you get great mileage with minimal fuel expenditure.

Strength Training is like putting a bigger engine in your car.  The muscle consumes more car1fuel all the time and is much more powerful.  This is why an athlete can eat more; the more muscle you have the more fuel you consume.  This is also key to anyone trying to lose weight or lean up.  Cardio is important, but gaining muscle and thereby putting a powerful engine in your system will help consume those extra fuel cans.

Fuel – Would you put molasses in the gas tank of your Ferrari? Or water, or oil?  Of course not! So if you want your body to perform like a sleek, race car, treat it like such! Fill it with the best fuel sources you can!

Having just moved to Ireland – I have stood next to the gas pump with confusion on my face, not certain what is the appropriate fuel and procedure.  But I definitely did not guess or shrug my shoulders and go, “whatever!” I asked, because if I put the wrong thing in, the system is going to crash and it will do major, costly and sometimes irrevocable damage.

car2I want you to think of and visualize your body as your favorite, high performing, beautiful, sleek race car (even if at the moment it looks like a well-loved station wagon) and make choices that will help you win every race. If you need help with those choices, try training with us here online at Victory Fitness!

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