She Looks The Same But She’s Not: Part Two

Unknown-1 Attention Dads -To – Be: Your significant other may also be dealing with “loose” joints and hyper-flexibility.  Now, I know you’re thinking that sounds great, especially when you’ve always had a fantasy about a contortionist, but in reality it might cause that special lady some discomfort.  The second a woman becomes pregnant the hormone factory ramps up production of progesterone, estrogen and relaxin.  Relaxin is responsible for softening the ligaments to ease the trauma involved in birth for both the baby and the mom.  It focuses on the ligaments of the pelvic girdle, the feet and the ankles.  This joint laxity, combined with constant changes to the center of gravity can cause the body to react uncertainly and indeed, clumsily.  Remember how fleet of foot you were when growing during puberty?images

One unsettling symptom that can occur to the MTB is dizziness and fainting.  Usually the cause is dehydration.  The kidneys are under increased stress from handling the surge in metabolic waste.  Additionally, the woman’s threshold for perspiration is drastically lower.  The baby’s core temperature is always one degree higher than mom’s, so mom can overheat quickly even when she doesn’t have a belly yet.  She may not be showing, but the oven is on!

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