Chronicles of Rehab: Episode Three “Fun With Physio Tape”

Fun With Physio Tape

One day in rehab – my back was feeling WRETCHED!!! – Coincidentally that day, I also had a checkup scheduled with my orthopedic surgeon and Mike, my most excellent PT was concerned that there were so many systemic issues that didn’t seem to be resolving themselves fast enough for his liking.  So with concern and diligence he worked and worked on my back – finally with utmost and precise care he taped my back.

Now there are several reasons for physio tape – yes, that’s the stuff that you see popping up everywhere in strange colors and patterns and made popular by Olympic athletes – the main one being that it keeps the skin taught thus promoting lymphatic drainage, decreasing inflammation and lending neurological support to the surrounding musculature.

My doctor’s appointment was uneventful, except to say that Dr. Gerhardt thought I was progressing remarkably well.  “I need to remind you and Mike of the magnitude of your injury.  The hematoma was massive!  And you’re not going to bounce back in three months.  I will tell you that as good as your PT’s are, they have probably never seen this particular injury, a complete tear – let alone one of this extent.  Unless they are working with pro-athletes it’s very rare.  So we can’t expect it to heal like an ACL or a basic surgery.  If you have any random symptoms left at the end of the summer come back and see me, but I’d be very surprised because you’re healing great.”

The next day I’m getting out of the shower (yes, physiotape is waterproof) and I catch a glimpse of my backside in the mirror and this is what I saw…Now some think it’s an arrow pointing down to my butt crack, others…well, definitely phallic…should I be concerned…when I point it out to Mike, he is MORTIFIED!!!!  Well, if it makes my back feel better, I’m not complaining.  But laughter’s good for healing as well.  Whether it was the tape, Mike’s caring ministrations, the belly chuckles or the thought of sex – my back felt better!

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