“What is Your Victory Today?”

cropped-vflogo-wing.jpgA friend once said to me, “If you’re feeling guilty, you’re living in the past.  If you’re feeling anxious, you’re living in the future.  Either way, you’re not living happily in the present.”

At Victory Fitness online training, I want you to be present.  I don’t want you to worry about how well you did last week or the massive expectations you’ve set for yourself next week; I want you to check in and find out how you are today.

Often we live in the past.  Many times I hear clients say, “When I was in college I could do 50 pushups” or “I ran the marathon in 4 hours” or “My arms were so buff.” But I also hear people live in the future, “I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of the month.”

How about feeling proud of yourself for setting realistic goals and achieving them.  I might have designed a bootcamp style program for you, but when you show up with only four hours sleep because of a sick child and you’re boss is expecting a presentation to be due today, I want you to celebrate the fact that you still showed up for your session.

Today I had a client who said, “You know what I would normally do on a holiday like today?  I would probably sleep until 11, stay in my pj’s ’til four and make it a pig out and eat whatever you want day all day.”  This same client, tears up every time she thinks about how uncomfortable she looks and feels carrying a lot of extra weight that has been there for years.  She continued: “My victory today was getting here to see you at 8am.”  I countered, “You not only got here, but you’re not wearing your pj’s, you’ve already had a good breakfast and you’re doing a great workout. That is a massive change and several victories in my book!”

We can accomplish so much more when we live in the present moment and feel proud of ourselves in small ways.   So what is your victory today?  Please feel free to share your success of the day, large or small they are all worthy of merit!

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